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To all my ‘paladin’ friends — yeah, all those of you that will stand up and say or do something when they see someone being treated unfairly — I have a challenge for you. I know, from lengthy personal experience, who much easier it can be for some of us to speak out when we see someone else being treated unfairly, than when it is us.

That needs to change.

Here’s the thing. There is this wonderful push happening in the Western world right now for equality — to stand up and show that “all [people] are created equal”, that we “are all made in God’s image”, or however you want to justify it. This is a good thing. But for all of you people out there who are like me, and find it infinitely easier to stand up for others than ourselves — why aren’t you as equal as the rest. If we’re all truly equal, and you yourself aren’t worth standing up for, how can you stand up for anyone else without being just a little bit hypocritical … against the person you should be supporting the most!

For me, it was an event this week that really brought this topic to the top of my mind again, as I went through something that I just took silently and walked away from (until I could cry to my wife, later), but if I had seen happening to someone *ELSE*, I would have spoken out on the spot. I didn’t stop and think until today, several days later, that how I stood up for myself did not do me any justice. Did not serve any greater purpose. Was not the right thing to do. I stood by in silence and let someone important be put down. So I challenge everyone who has difficulty with this to try this exercise:

The next time someone says something hurtful, dismissive, negative, degrading, mocking, WHATEVER to you… don’t just brush it off. Say to yourself “Do unto MYSELF as I would have others do unto OTHERS!” Stand up for yourself the way so many of you will stand up for your families, your friends, your loved ones, or even strangers on YouTube or Facebook.

Give yourself that same love, that same support, and speak out!

You’re worth it.


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