A Bookish Chef

So it has been a week.  After some amazing guests at ‘my’ B&B last week, I was able to purchase a few new cookbooks for myself — one of them with the assistance of my wife.  The local ‘Chapters’ had a copy of “1080 Recipes” (a text on Spanish cooking from Phaidon publishing) – 1000 pages of Spanish goodness, for all of $10.   Then, looking at their online store, I was able to find a treasure — “Modernist Cuisine at Home” – a $150 book, for 1/3 off.  So, in the space of a couple of days, I was able to add approximately 1600 new recipes to my repertoire.

Now, I’m not going to be vain or foolish enough to claim that all of those recipes will automatically be in the list of things I can and will cook, but I *am* spending a lot of time this week reading through them – recreational recipe reading — who would’ve guessed?  And for every recipe or technique that I read but never use, well, who knows when it will inspire something in me down the road.  One can never be sure what bits of knowledge in your field will be of use, so drink them all down!

I get teasingly laughed at for calling my reading of cookbooks and cooking manuals ‘studying’, but I can not think of a better term for it that the average non-cook would understand.  “Seeking Inspiration”, “Browsing the Possibilities”, “Scouring Global Knowledge”…  all good terms for what I do as well, but they do tend to make me sound a little (more) pompous, so I’ll stick with Studying for the time being.

After all, it fits – my father always used to call me a “gentleman and a scholar”.  At least he got the latter half right. 😉



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